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Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. Which one, or which combination, will benefit your business? How do you manage and market your Social Networks?

What are the benefits?

  1. Can reduce your overall advertising and marketing costs.
  2. Can show in Organic Search.
  3. Offers you the opportunity to engage with customers and prospective customers.
  4. Allows you to build you company brand.
  5. Offers Viral Marketing opportunities to reach new prospective customers
  6. You can offer value incentives.
  7. Allows you to position your business above your competitors in top of mind awareness.

It’s all about engagement

Modern consumers want to interact with businesses. Smart use of social media allows you to engage in a two-way conversation with consumers, building trust and increasing interest. This kind of social influence is playing an increasing role in developing brand affinity and making purchase decisions.

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70% of internet users are active on social media
70% of consumers are more likely to use a business if it is active on social media
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Identify and Connect

We will work with you to discover your brand's identity and custom create a social media strategy that appropriately uses online voice, tone, and message to support that identity. We ensure that your social media strategy is moving your business goals forward: increased sales, improved public perception, and enhanced brand awareness.

Attract More Customers

A solid social media campaign works in tandem with your other marketing initiatives. We will develop a comprehensive plan for your business that integrates your social campaigns to support all other online and offline marketing goals. It’s all about balance. Social media management allows you to go beyond pushing with outbound marketing and start attracting / engaging with social media.

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60% of consumers are willing to post about a product or services on social media in exchange for a deal of discount

Go Forth Online Now has the experience to assist you in the development, management and profitability of your Social Network Marketing. With multiple Clients across many business categories, we do have the experience to jump start your Social Network Marketing efforts.

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