Why Do You Have A Website?

I’ve asked this question many times to business owners and managers. Some of the answers I have received include: “I’m not sure”, “Because I have to”, “Everyone else has one.”


Why do you have a website? If you can’t answer that question then maybe your website has no purpose in your business development. Sad but true. You would be better off not having a website than having a website and not keeping it current and not using it to generate more customers and business. Take it down. A website that is not maintained does more harm than good!

ADVERTISING: Three Important Points To Remember

For many, advertising has become a complicated, unmanageable Monster. With so many choices and so many advertising reps “pitching” their product and how it will benefit your business, it’s difficult to know what to do. Here are three points that are guaranteed to maximize your advertising dollars and increase your bottom line!


Point #1: Keep It Simple

One of the major mistakes made in advertising is trying to cram too much information in the advertising message. Keep it simple. Drive home one or two advantages that you offer. Your message will be easy to understand and provide the audience you are trying to reach with a memorable message about your business.

Is Your Website Just Sitting There?

  Your Website is often the first, and sometimes only, chance to make an impression on potential customers. Research shows that visitors to your site will form an impression of your site and business in seconds. Will it be a good impression or a bad impression?

Good news: you have a choice!

Social Media. Don’t Do It All. Do It Right!

Oh, the challenges of Social Media. Which platform is right for your business? Should I have a presence in all available Social Media platforms, just a few or just one?


The answer: don’t do it all. Do it right!


The real challenge is maximizing your Social Media so it benefits your bottom line. Like any advertising investment, if it’s not focused both in dollars and effort, it will lose effectiveness and limit the benefits to your business.

An Advertising Consultant Could Be Exactly What You Need. Here’s Why!

A small business usually doesn’t have the budget for an Advertising Director. Most importantly, they don’t have the budget for mistakes. Yet, many small businesses attempt to develop and manage their own advertising which, in many cases, misses the target or the desired results.

On the contrary, a small business does have the budget for an advertising consultant. Often, just a few hours of advertising advice from a good consultant can be a very wise investment for a business.

The Benefits of Search Engine Advertising-SEM (Pay Per Click)

You’ve heard about it. You are interested. You are not sure if it is right for your business.


What are the benefits of Search Engine Advertising?


1). You have a presence on the page when a consumer is searching for your product or service. Plus, you are on the same page as your competitors! Think about it. What other advertising offers you the opportunity to be on the same page as your competitors and gives you the opportunity to impact an interested consumer? Search Engine Advertising does!

Three Important Questions That Need To Be Answered About Your Website

There are a number of companies that are yelling for your business. One company tells you what is wrong with your website and another company tells you the opposite. How do you know you are getting the correct guidance when it comes to your website?

Start with the basics. Here are three important questions to ask yourself about your website.

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