For many, advertising has become a complicated, unmanageable Monster. With so many choices and so many advertising reps “pitching” their product and how it will benefit your business, it’s difficult to know what to do. Here are three points that are guaranteed to maximize your advertising dollars and increase your bottom line!


Point #1: Keep It Simple

One of the major mistakes made in advertising is trying to cram too much information in the advertising message. Keep it simple. Drive home one or two advantages that you offer. Your message will be easy to understand and provide the audience you are trying to reach with a memorable message about your business.

Point #2: OWN the selected Media

No, we don’t mean you need to purchase an advertising company. What we do mean is when you advertise, own and dominate the selected media.

How do you achieve this? Let’s say you are considering a broadcast schedule. You have a limited budget. Instead of running one or two commercial messages per day condense your schedule to one week or ten days within the month. You will achieve frequency which creates consumer recall. Plus, consumers will perceive that you are investing more in advertising than you really are. It works! Try it!


Point #3: Repeat Often

Make a commitment to advertise on a consistent basis. The absolute worst mistake made by many advertisers is lack of consistency in their advertising. Advertising should be considered as a necessary on-going investment. Consistent advertising means you have a better chance of capturing more customers! It’s like making a deposit in your savings account. The investment grows!

Advertising does not need to be complicated. The three points presented will make your advertising more effective and bring you more customers!


Tony Kouri is President of Go Forth Online Now in Wichita Falls, Texas. Kouri has over 35 years of advertising experience working with locally-owned businesses to assist them with the planning, implementation and management of their advertising investment.   

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