I’ve asked this question many times to business owners and managers. Some of the answers I have received include: “I’m not sure”, “Because I have to”, “Everyone else has one.”


Why do you have a website? If you can’t answer that question then maybe your website has no purpose in your business development. Sad but true. You would be better off not having a website than having a website and not keeping it current and not using it to generate more customers and business. Take it down. A website that is not maintained does more harm than good!


Now, the good news. You can start using your website to generate interest and consumer engagement. This means more prospective customers and ultimately more revenue and profits!


Here are three actions you can take now!


Action #1: Make sure your website is mobile friendly! As you probably know, more and more searches are being conducted using mobile devices. If your site is not mobile friendly, visitors will likely move on to a competitors site that is mobile friendly!


Action #2: Make sure your website is search engine optimized! A quality website developer will include this in the construction of a website. Unfortunately, there are many beautiful websites that do NOT show up in organic search or are poorly ranked in search results.  Why? Because the website developer did not take the steps required for indexing your site for search. A qualified website developer and marketing professional can help you get your site optimized. Do it! It’s worth the minor investment!


Action #3: Update your website content and keep it current. Then promote your website on all printed material, advertising, social media posts, company vehicles, invoices, Email signatures and with in-store signage. Also, and certainly most important, promote your website on search engines! A qualified search engine marketing professional can promote your website on search engines for much less than you think!


Think of your website as a new location. It’s always open and it’s your 24 hour a day sales representative. Take these action steps now and by doing so, you will be “steps ahead” in penetrating the online market place!


Tony Kouri is President of Go Forth Online Now, a complete internet advertising and “traditional” advertising consulting and management company. Kouri has over 35 years of experience assisting business owners with their growth through effective advertising and marketing.

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